Here at Eye Candy we are proud to be known for being one of the BEST waxing salons in Derby!  Specialising in intimate waxing for  we use the best hot wax for the most comfortable Wax in Derby. If your a nervous ‘wax virgin’ or just not had the best experience with waxing then come to us, we are the experts and trained only with the best in the industry with our waxing being one the most thorough waxes you will ever receive. If you have only ever experienced a Hollywood wax with strip wax then why not book in with us today and feel the difference with our Amazing ‘Hot wax’ once you have experienced this wax we can confidently say “You will NEVER go back to having a Strip wax again”

Ever heard the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’

If you are serious about getting your intimate waxing done then it is really worth finding a therapist who is highly trained and uses a very reputable brand as the product also plays a very big part in the end result! After all…. we’re talking about the most sensitive and valued part of you body. Discomfort should be minimal and if it hurts too much, they’re doing something wrong!

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