Hair Colour & Styling

Cut and styling

One vital ingredient of creating beautiful hair is a super-precise cut, coupled with a style that complements your features and makes the statement you want. Take a look at the gallery to see what an amazing difference a fabulous cut can make. Whether it is short and sassy or a luxurious long curl, our philosophy is that it needs to pass the ‘I can easily manage it myself’ test. Come in and talk to our Hair Designers about the style you love.


The other ingredient of creating beautiful hair is fabulous colour. Colour that works for you. Whether it is turning heads and making a personal statement, or simply enhancing your natural shade, the right colour combination professionally advised and applied is what we excel at. Our Hair Designers are qualified at our great profession’s highest level. Take a look at the gallery for some colour ideas, then come and talk to us about your own thoughts. We’ll be delighted to advise.